Choreography of the Handover

Choreography of the Handover, King’s College London/ Vera the Diva

What is Choreography of the Handover?

Handover improvement work to date has tended to be been framed within ‘check list’-like frameworks that aim to systematise communication and render it standardised and predictable. The central idea being explored in Choreography of the Handover is that dance movement therapy may impact on clinicians’ approach to handover, for example by highlighting their routine physical behaviour.


The project began with observation and filming of clinicians performing handovers as they worked in the Cancer Care Centre. Working with dance experts, and drawing on dance movement therapy, these movements were developed into dance representations. The aim of this was to elicit reflections from clinicians about how they work together, how they move, and how they embody their professional roles. 


Making clinicians more aware of their body language, physical interactions and non-verbal communication patterns, may enhance and elaborate a different approach to chemotherapy and cancer care; a fast-paced, high-volume, pressurised and stressful environment. It may also help to promote sensitivity to the challenges of interacting with patients whilst under pressure. It may also amplify the supportive elements of care both for patients and for staff.  Choreography of the Handover will open up new learning and understanding of how communication is impacted by the environment of care and behavioural patterns in the setting of a Cancer Care Centre.

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